2019 ASX: XF1 Presentation

The globe is hiring.

Corporations are in a race for talent. Global mobility, technology, the gig economy and social economics are driving competition for human capital.

To validate any hiring decision, you need answers.

Have they been where they say they’ve been?
Have they done what they say they’ve done?
Are they who they say they are?

Traditional candidate verification
methods are broken.

2 Hours

Average time taken to contact each referee.

3 Days

Average turnaround time for each reference with no analytics or audit trail.


Protection over fraud, privacy and discrimination.


Welcome to Xref

Corporations are in a race for talent. Global mobility, technology, the gig economy and social economics are driving competition for human capital.

The power of Xref lies in one button.

Used daily by thousands of employers worldwide.

Individual users.
Hours have been saved.
Cases of potential fraud detected.
Reference questions collected.

What's behind the button?

What does it do on a global scale?

The story since listing

Denotes geographic platform usage

Our business model.

The journey of an Xref credit.


Credits Sold

The value of credits purchased by a client is recognised as unearned revenue.


Cash Receipts

When a payment is made for credits, it is recognised as cash receipts.


Credits used

The value of credits used by a client is recognised as revenue.

Credit Sales vs Usage.

Mapping the trend - "Mind The Gap".


Under Xref’s business model, clients purchase Xref credits to use our candidate referencing platform. These credit sales are reported initially as unearned income, and when clients pay for the credits, this is recognised as cash receipts. The credits are consumed when reference checks are ordered, and credit usage becomes recognised revenue. At Xref the relationship between sold and used credits is known as 'Mind the Gap'. Sales of Xref credits increased more than 42% year-on-year to a record $10.1 million in FY19, up from $7.1 million in FY18. Credit usage increased 66%, rising to $8 million from $4.8 million.

Our product suite.

Tools that power companies globally.


The origin that remains the cornerstone of the platform. Fast, secure, simple reference checking, providing insights and assurance for confident hiring decisions.

Xref Lite

All the power of the Xref button, delivered via a self-service solution that offers speed and convenience without losing integrity or insight.

Template Builder

A database of high-performance questions, available for free, at any time, in any language, that enables best-practice referencing globally.


A smart and secure solution for real-time ID verification and anti-fraud protection.

People Search

A passive candidate portal, built on the details of former referees who have opted-in to being contacted about potential job opportunities in the future.

Xref API

Built in accordance with global standards, the API platform is used to power our integration partnerships globally.

Integrated Partners

Partner marketplaces simplify user acquisition. Integrations increase ARPU through ease of adoption.

Xref currently has 17 live integrations and sells via partner marketplaces globally. Giving users the ability to request an Xref from their platform of choice significantly increases credit usage over time. 1,500 users from companies such as Qantas, Westpac and the NSW Government, make Xref requests via an integration.

Growth through integrations.

290% growth in FY19.

How our products deliver revenue.

The tech tools that power people decisions...and drive growth.

Reference checking is just the beginning.

Creating corporate memory through hire, performance and exit.

To date we have used data to check a candidate’s past.
But what happens to that data in the present and future?
Xref will offer the power to keep checking…

Trust in a demand economy.

Bad news stories bring focus to trust in the "I want it now" economy.


We accept that a car owner aspires to be a skilful chauffeur.


We accept a home owner's aspiration to be a trusted hotelier.


Hiring processes must verify candidates so we can trust their aspirations.

Companies that people trust most trust Xref

Users don’t just use us they

love us.

trust us.

Our users at a glance.

68% of Xref total active user base has joined in the last 24 months. In FY2019 total active users increased by 2392 user to 6634. ARPU is $1109 and has risen 47% since Xref listed in 2016.

68% of Xref’s total active user base has joined in the last 24 months. In FY19, the number of total active users increased by 2,392, to 6,634. ARPU is now $1,109 and has risen by 47% since Xref listed in 2016.

25% of all active users access Xref from one of our channel partner integrations. An integrated user is someone that accesses Xref from within their Applicant Tracking System (ATS). In FY19 25% of overall active users requested references via one of our integrations. This was up from 18% in FY18 and 10% in FY17. Native users ARPU is $898 whereas an integrated user adopts the platform faster over time and Xref becomes a standard business process much faster, this is echoed in the integrated user ARPU of $1,180.

30% of all active users are now in EMEA and North America. The Australia and New Zealand region increased active users by 52% in FY19 when compared to FY18. North America and Europe increased by 85% and 61% respectively. In FY18 overseas offices had 26% of the global active user base, this grew to 30% in FY19. For Australian and New Zealand users ARPU is $1,212 however in new regions with early adoption such as EMEA and North America it is $939 and $662 respectively.

81% of global active users originate from 1 of 6 key industry sectors. This has remained relatively unchanged over the past 4 years since listing in 2016 (78% of overall active users). The recruitment sector grew 80% between FY2018 and FY2019 and was closely followed by Not For Profit at 61%. Although leading with active users the recruitment sector has a lower ARPU of $611 when compared to Non-Profit with an ARPU of $2551. Sectors that hire people in trusted roles show a much faster rate of adoption and therefore a higher ARPU.

Targeting Profitable Scale.

As the business increases sales at a significantly higher rate than overall expenditure, operating leverage continues to improve.

While the market’s been getting ready, we’ve been growing.

What makes us best in class?


Conduct and provide references in your preferred language.

24/7 Support

Receive local, human support wherever you are, globally.

Publicly Listed

Have trust in a platform that has been listed, and has grown, on the ASX since 2016.

Regional Data Storage

Be assured that your data is stored in an appropriate location within your local region.

Data Privacy Compliant

Rely on Xref to ensure your compliance with local data privacy regulations.

ISO 27001 Certified

Have confidence in a platform that has obtained the highest global security management accolade.